The new TOX Pressing Control Systems EPW 400

Reliable monitoring = produced quality!
EPW 400 and TOX hydraulic cylinder HZW with built-in position transducer ZWK

The TOX Pressing Monitor EPW 400 continuously checks your pressing operation and thus provides quality assurance during production:

  • Monitoring of pressing and joining processes via force-travel progresses, etc.
  • Windows check threading, progression, hysteresis, gradient, block measure/block power
  • Input via colour touch screen
  • CAN-open and Ethernet on board
  • USB interface for stick, printer and downloads
  • 4 password levels
  • 64 different piecepart types in 64 measuring programs
  • 10 windows per check program
  • Sensor configuration assigned to program
  • Last 1000 peak values can be displayed with time stamp
  • In addition to the current curve, last 10 curves can be displayed, either bundled or single
  • Display of digital I/O interface status
  • Data storage, configuration and parametering with TOXsoftWare via Ethernet
  • Comfortable diagnostic tools 
  • Statistics preparation in the appliance
  • Panel and wall mounted versions available
  • Ample sensor program, all usual sensors can be connected


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TOX-Controls (2.1 MB)