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Joining techniques

Do you still use welding?

With the innovative, yet already proven in many applications, TOX processes, you can join sheet metals with a simple, reliable, environmentally safe and economic process.


better as a pneumatic cylinder or hydraulic drive

Pneumo-hydraulic drives

TOX Powerpackage – the energy-saving pneumatic cylinder with integrated oil system and automatically initiated powerstroke. Pressforces from 2 to 2000 kN, total stroke up to 400 mm, powerstroke up to 80 mm.
The patented TOX features: Bypass system, hydraulic damping, absolute air/oil separation.

Electro-mechanic drives

TOX ElectricDrive – modular constructed electric spindles offering 0.5 – 400 kN pressforce, from individual systems to high production and complex production cells:
The solution for all applications in all variations.

pneumatic presses

Benchtop presses

TOX FinePress – the flexible tabletop press program with add-on possibility comprising four product lines and three frame sizes. Pressforces from 2 – 57 kN. Manual operation with pneumatic assistance or merely pneumatic presses. Have a look at it!


Whether handheld, machine tongs or robotic tongs – our comprehensive program offers everything needed for clinching, punching, joining and forming, using pressforces up to 80 kN.

Force fit, punching, marking

Use our TOX products and experience to solve your production problems.

Force Fit Punching Marking or Solid Punch Rivetting

Process monitoring

The new CEP 400 serie means intelligent control and documentation of joining processes.
For pressing operations, use the well tried appliances of series EPW.
Quality assurance from the very beginning.



Matching electric or pneumatic controls for each machine – from two-hand controls to programmable PLC safety controls. Precisely tailored to your requirements. 

Production Cells

Equipped to handle nearly each special task. Customized Production Cells built from standard TOX components – cost effective, flexible, durable and reliable.


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